Why SMEs can reap the benefits of effective business management systems


While many businesses aspire to applying better in-house management systems, they often reluctantly cast this aside due to concerns about the impact it could have on demanding workloads and all-important delivery for clients.

But it is possible for all businesses, regardless of their size and client commitments, to implement a fully integrated and effective quality and business management system without disruption to operations as well as in a time-friendly manner. In fact, many businesses reap substantial rewards both in the short and long term after deciding to enhance their systems.

Such quality and business management applications are well used and relied upon by larger operators in the energy industry and they can play an even more significant role for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking to grow their businesses in a sustainable fashion.

Whether it is from a technical, business or personnel viewpoint, a fully integrated business management system can provide the backbone in supporting an organisation to work efficiently, improve the quality and accessibility of information, reduce administrative burden and save on costs.

In addition, a well-designed, tailored system can give SMEs a competitive advantage against their rivals and enable them to work to the same standards as larger firms.

At Caiman Software, clients have come to us looking to replace existing systems that are often mainly made up of spreadsheets and document folders stored disparately on internal networks. Through looking to increase in size and move to the next growth level, they recognise the need to bring all of their operations together into one multi-purpose package.

There are many benefits in having an entire workforce using a single software application integrated around one database. Having a single point of access for all pertinent business information makes it easier to streamline procedures and quicker to share information around a company’s different offices – regardless of where they are based around the globe. Such a product can help save time in identifying information and reduce errors by using one central programme.

The integration aspect is a big draw for companies. The fact you can have supporting software in one business management product that allows personnel to see the status of project work, purchase orders, review timesheets, check on customer contacts and share documentation all in one place makes it easy for clients to store and access their business knowledge.

Being able to work in real-time is another aspect of such a programme that is important in making rapid and informed decisions. This is supported by being able to share information more effectively than before and makes it possible to have a centralised knowledge base within a company that can be updated instantly.  Today’s systems can work remotely in the cloud and can be accessible at all times.

No matter the nature of the business or industry, the key to developing the right software is to understand exactly what the needs of the end user are. Everyone has a smartphone and a laptop at home, and everyone in business wants to be able to access information wherever they are so that they can make quick and informed decisions.

Many of our customers have experience of business management software from working with larger companies in the past. Having previously used these programmes, they have still been surprised by the breadth and scope of the products that are on offer to SMEs.

A frequent assumption we encounter is such a system will require a large outlay on new hardware. This is not the case and packages are designed to work around the existing computer hardware that a client already operates.

Firms also raise concerns that they may have to purchase a system that goes way beyond their needs with the ensuing price tag to match. Again, this is something that is being increasingly catered for as specific software modules can be designed to carry out only the job that is required.

At Caiman Software, we have developed a fully modular and configurable solution that allows users to quickly implement the functions they require in order to reach their immediate goals. Whether it is process mapping or document and project management, customers can cherry pick the modules that suit their business best.

Providing a stable, efficient and scalable infrastructure is essential for sustainable growth. The tools in the form of effective business management solutions are out there to support SME businesses to do this. An investment in the right software can help to improve efficiency and business management, and increase the speed that knowledge can be shared – ultimately, creating major cost savings and increasing added value for clients.

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