Centralised knowledgebase for all customer information

Quickly locate account, contact, opportunity, and activity information directly from a centralised database

All members of your team are fully united in their efforts to deliver great service and improve relationships with customers

Improve contact management, share information gathered and set client reminders and schedules



360-degree view of customer interactions and sales opportunities

View and analyse all customer interaction, business opportunities, prospects and proposals

Enhance marketing, sales and account management, strengthening customer relations

Sales pipeline management provides real-time overview of where all your opportunities sit in the sales cycle


Smash targets and improve sales efficiency

Track the details of every sales opportunity to stay on top of your sales progress and ensure your sales team hits their sales targets

High level sales pipeline metrics measure progress at each stage of that pipeline

Powerful data filters enable you to look at your sales data in many ways, across different timelines, by product and much more


CRM on the go, anywhere

Access your customer information remotely from any location

Members of your team have the key customer information they need to make the right pitch at the right time

See high level sales pipeline metrics results in real-time