Clearly define and communicate your business processes

Streamline existing processes and drive results

Chain processes together to break complex tasks into manageable sections

Produce clear and concise statements of your business processes


Drive efficiency at every level

RACI (Responsible, Assists, Consult, Informed) method used reduces sprawl and keeps instructions concise

Link to supporting documentation and forms from within your process map

Reduces lengthy procedural documents to a single page overview

Simplify Change Management

Newcomers can quickly identify their roles and responsibilities within the organisation

Quickly identify individual or department overloads


When you hear these types of comments in an organisation a Responsible, Assist, Consult, Inform (RACI) Analysis may be overdue:

Missing deadlines?

Missing deadlines?

'The approval process for even the simplest item takes so long today'

Data overload

Data overload

'It seems everyone is putting together a spreadsheet on the same data'

Who's doing that?

Who's doing that?

'Things are always slipping through the cracks'