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One-size ERP solutions don’t work for most small and medium-sized businesses. They are expensive and overly complicated, and most functions go unused. That is why Caiman iQ modules have been designed to deliver the functionality you need without the extras you don’t—offering a cost-effective solution to your business challenges.

Select from nine core modules to tailor a system to your business requirements.

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Document Management

Streamline document organisation across your business. Effortlessly manage, search, and collaborate on files. Enhance productivity with secure, user-friendly document management.


The CRM module simplifies logging and managing sales opportunities from start to finish. It enables your team to organise tenders, proposals, or projects, eliminating scattered data and missed opportunities and streamlining your sales process.

Personnel Management

Managing employees, contractors, and agency staff is easy with our Personnel Management module. You can easily track all the necessary personal information and allocate resources to projects with flexibility and security.


Streamline time tracking, enhance workforce management and improve project & resource management accuracy with the timesheet module.


The projects module enables you to maximise efficiency. From planning to execution, streamline tasks, allocate resources, and monitor progress. Create, control and manage all project-related tasks from one location, with seamless integration and data flow between the modules.

Asset Management

Optimise your asset management. Our asset management module helps you track, analyse, and maintain your assets while ensuring compliance and maximising efficiency. You can monitor inventory, streamline shipping logistics, schedule maintenance, report defects, and assess hazardous substances. With our module, you can ensure safety and efficiency at every stage of the asset lifecycle.

Actions & Audits

Empower accountability with our Actions and Audits module. Easily track and manage actions, ensuring compliance and transparency. Streamline audits for a robust governance framework and continuous improvement.


Simplify procurement processes from requisition to payment, streamline workflows, ensure compliance, and optimise supplier management for efficient cost control.

Process Mapping

Visualise and optimise workflows with our Process Mapping module. Streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and foster collaboration. Achieve clarity and agility in business operations for sustained success.

Centralised document storage
Documentation can be easily managed from a central repository, allowing authorised users to search and update, saving time and improving efficiency.

Version control
Ensure all document changes are tracked, recorded, and easily accessible with version control. Allowing you to maintain accurate records and a full audit trail of the document’s progress.

Document workflow automation
Automatic routing of documents for review, approval, and sign-off, ensuring that documents move through the approval process quickly and efficiently.

Template Generation
Create document templates to standardise branding, layout, and document numbers across the business. Reduce time spent and reduce errors and inconsistencies with auto-population of the relevant data held within the system.

Security and Access Controls
Restrict access to sensitive documents, ensuring only authorised personnel have access.

Information Capture
Capture essential details, such as work location, dates, and timescales. Create a detailed work quote with personnel and equipment requirements, seamlessly linking to other modules for estimation.

Integration with Projects and Document Management
Generating a tender automatically creates a folder structure for easy document organisation, including technical sheets and client correspondence.

Seamless Integration
Designed to seamlessly integrate with other areas of our comprehensive system to ensure a smooth data flow throughout the sales process and beyond.

Email Integration with Outlook
Generate a unique email address for each tender to allow seamless email tracking and provide full client communication transparency.

Optimised Workforce
Effectively manages employees, contractors, and agency staff while ensuring flexible and secure allocation of resources.

Personnel Information Management
Keep all employee data, including emergency contacts, travel documents, medical records, and training competencies, in a centralised location for easy access and overview.

Absence Management
Simplify employee absence management with our team availability tracker.

Seamless Integration with Projects Module
Improve resource utilisation and reduce overhead by efficiently allocating personnel based on essential information, certifications, and availability.

Seamless integration with Timesheets Module
Accurately tracks time spent on each project, facilitating analysis and effective resource management.

Comprehensive Reporting
Detailed reporting capabilities provide valuable insights for workforce management, project allocation, and time tracking to support informed decision-making.

Security and Data Protection
Prioritises the security of sensitive personnel data. Accessible only by authorised personnel, ensuring data protection.

Time Tracking
Employees can log their working hours on a daily or project basis and get a detailed breakdown of time spent on specific tasks.

Project Association
Users can easily track time entries for specific projects or clients, ensuring accurate project-based billing and resource allocation.

Task-Level Detail
Tasks within a project can be tracked at a granular level, enhancing project management by capturing task-specific time data.

Automated Time Calculations
Automatically calculates total hours worked and minimises errors.

Approval Workflow
Enables supervisors to review and approve time entries.

Reporting and Analytics
Generate detailed reports on employee time usage and review analytics for informed decision-making and resource planning.

Integration with Other Modules
Seamless integration with project and personnel modules ensures consistency and accuracy across various organisational functions.

Centralised Project Management
Users can manage projects efficiently from a single location with seamless integration with all other modules in the Caiman IQ system, ensuring a comprehensive approach to project management.

Task Management
Supports task assignment, tracking, and completion.

Resource Allocation
Efficiently allocate both personnel and material resources to ensure optimal utilisation.

Budgeting and Cost Tracking
Enables effortless project budget creation and real-time cost tracking.

Document Management
Centralises all project-related documents and files, ensuring accessibility and version control.

Progress Tracking
Real-time project tracking and reporting with analytics for strategic decision-making.

Audit Planning and Management
Plan and manage audits effectively, improving tracking and overall management.

Workflow Automation
Automates repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and reduce manual intervention.

Comprehensive Asset Tracking
Enables centralised tracking of all assets throughout their lifecycle. Manages the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal, including maintenance, repairs, and decommissioning tracking.

Real-time Asset Visibility
Real-time visibility of asset status, location, and condition enables proactive decision-making and resource allocation.

Efficient Inventory Management
Track status, location, and maintenance needs of equipment, machinery, and valuable assets. Our system maintains stock records, including consumables, with preferred and minimum levels and automatically initiates a requisition request when inventory is low.

Integrated Logistics Tracking
Track equipment as it moves between locations and projects. Automate information transfer from purchase orders, such as commodity codes, export rating codes, and item values, to save time and ensure accuracy.

Maintenance Scheduling and Management
Allows scheduling and management of preventive and corrective maintenance tasks. Optimises asset performance and extends lifespan.

Integration with Action Module
Connect defects to the action module to ensure efficient resolution and accountability.

Asset Utilisation Analysis
Analyses asset utilisation and performance metrics. Informs decision-making on optimising asset usage.

Compliance and Regulation Tracking
Ensures adherence to compliance standards and regulations. Provides documentation for audits and regulatory reporting.

Customisable Reports
Generates customisable reports for daily insights into asset performance.

Ensure Compliance
Systematically manage non-performance issues, incidents, and opportunities for improvement to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.

Action Identification and Assignment
Identify the source, assign tasks accordingly, and monitor the progress with transparent tracking of all actions.

Robust Audit Planning
Allows customisation of audit frequencies, creating and managing audits, setting up notifications, and ensuring scheduled audits.

Root Cause Analysis
Captures and identifies the underlying causes of issues and enables the creation and assignment of actions for resolution.

QHSE and Compliance
Enables tracking of all raised issues and progress made, critical for Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) compliance.

Risk Assessment Module
Create detailed electronic risk assessments managed from one central location. You can also create customised risk metrics to evaluate potential risk levels accurately. This enables you to proactively take measures to effectively mitigate risks and quickly identify areas that require more attention.

Our system for tracking item location and movement provides a complete solution for a smooth procurement process. It allows you to track specific items in real-time from purchase orders and monitor their movement and estimated arrival times. Providing valuable insights into the entire procurement lifecycle.

Audit Trail and Traceability
Maintain a detailed record of each item’s lifecycle stages, providing robust traceability from requisition creation to field receipt. This ensures that all procurement activities are documented and easily accessible for future reference.

Supplier Management
Manage supplier information, contracts, and performance efficiently. Facilitates the evaluation and rating of vendors based on performance.

Efficiently manage processes, align with document workflows, and enhance organisational controls for improved compliance in critical areas such as QHSE and business governance.

Structured Process Breakdown
Enables the systematic breakdown of complex processes into a structured RACI format, promoting clarity on roles and responsibilities for each component.

Comprehensive Tracking and Version Control
Ensures unique process map numbers for distinct identification and organisation. Oversees revision histories, review cycles, and approval stages for precise version control.

Visual Representation with Swim Lane Structure
Presents complex processes visually, utilising a swim lane structure with checkpoints for clear task representation.

Enhanced Understanding of Task Flow
Facilitates a better understanding of task distribution and stages within each process. Incorporates visual cues to signify necessary involvement at specific checkpoints.

Seamless Integration with Documentation
Linking associated documentation with each process provides a centralised view of tasks, materials, work instructions, and guidance.

Dashboard Integration
The system integrates with user dashboards and displays relevant processes based on their roles and organisational requirements.

Specialised Focus on QHSE and Business Governance
Tailored for Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) roles and broader business governance. Ensures clarity on roles, work instructions, and processes, fostering compliance and understanding within these critical areas.

Dynamic Adaptability for Onboarding
It can act as an onboarding tool to assist new employees in understanding their job-specific processes. It visually illustrates the organisational structure and guides efficient adaptation and integration into the company’s workflows.

Integrated Solutions

Are you trying to decide what modules would suit your business?  We’ve created integrated solutions to support specific business areas, built with modules designed to work together.


Connect key functions to embed quality, reduce risk, and protect your people. Build a culture of safety and improvement and gain a comprehensive view of your operations across the organisation.

See the QHSE Modules

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Document Management

Personnel Management

Process Mapping

Actions & Audit
Risk Management

Supplier Management

Asset Management
Inventory Management
Maintenance Management
Equipment Certification
Defect Reporting
Hazardous Substance Assessment

Asset Management

Streamline the management of your physical assets, automate workflows, and simplify processes to enhance productivity, reduce expenses, and increase profitability with real-time insights.

See the Asset Management Modules

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Supplier Management

Asset Management
Inventory Management
Maintenance Management
Equipment Certification
Defect Reporting
Hazardous Substance Assessment

Operations Management

Enhance your business performance by gaining complete oversight of key aspects such as personnel, projects and assets through data-driven insights and collaboration to increase efficiency.

See the Operation Management Modules

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Document Management

Personnel Management


Supplier Management

Asset Management
Inventory Management
Maintenance Management
Equipment Certification
Defect Reporting
Hazardous Substance Assessment

Process Mapping

Actions and Audits
Risk Management

Comprehensive Reporting

Our software provides detailed reporting capabilities, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your operations.

Security & Data Protection

We prioritise the security of your data. Rest easy, knowing that your information is stored securely and can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Multi-platform Access

Thanks to our cloud-based platform, you can access essential business information anywhere.


Our software grows with your business. You can add or remove modules, ensuring your system meets your evolving needs.

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